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At Scharff Law Firm, each Henderson violent crimes attorney on our legal team has the experience needed to defend clients against even the most serious criminal charges. We have 30 years of litigation experience in state and federal courts, both as the prosecution and the defense. Violent crimes are one of the areas of criminal law we focus on, dedicating our practice to helping defendants who are in serious legal trouble. Whether someone in North Carolina has brought charges against you for assault, assault with a deadly weapon (AWDW), assault inflicting serious injury, assault with a concealed carry weapon (CCW) or firearm, or even murder, come to the Henderson criminal defense lawyers at Scharff Law Firm for experienced legal assistance.

Common Defenses to Violent Crimes Charges in North Carolina

When it comes to violent crime cases, a jury must find you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt to convict you. It’s the prosecutor’s job to find evidence against you and prove to the judge or jury that you are guilty of a crime. It’s our job at Scharff Law Firm to predict what the prosecutor will say and build a solid defense in your favor. Most defenses break down into two categories: pleading you didn’t do it or pleading you did do it but should not be held responsible.

An “I didn’t do it” plea is the most basic defense to violent crimes. This plea can work if the defendant has an alibi or proof that there is no way he or she could have done the crime. An alibi defense shows that the defendant was somewhere else at the time of the incident and therefore could not be the perpetrator. An innocent plea may also work if the prosecutor does not have enough evidence to convince the jury of a defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

In some criminal cases, the defendant admits that he or she did commit the crime, but that it was in self-defense. The right to defend oneself from physical injury means a defendant is justified in assaulting the plaintiff if it was in an act of self-defense. However, the defendant’s actions must be reasonable for the circumstances to qualify as self-defense.

Another potential defense in violent crime cases is the insanity plea. It can be difficult to prove insanity, as it requires the defendant to show that his or her mental state was such that he or she was not aware of criminal actions. The insanity defense shows that the defendant did not have the intent to harm, as he or she was not capable of reasonable thought. Aside from this defense, the defendant may also use the under-the-influence of drugs or alcohol defense to reduce charges, or the entrapment defense if an official encouraged you to commit a crime just to convict you. Knowing which route is best for you requires speaking with a qualified Henderson violent crimes attorney about the specifics of your case.

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The violent crimes attorneys at Scharff Law Firm want to reduce the amount of stress you have during criminal cases. We understand how daunting a criminal hearing can be and how it can impact your family. At Scharff Law Firm, we’ll explain your options and help prepare you for potential outcomes – good and bad. We know open communication helps our clients during complicated and frightening violent crime cases, and we are always in contact directly with them throughout this journey.

If you need competent, talented, and trustworthy defense lawyers in Henderson, NC for your violent crime case, don’t hesitate to contact Scharff Law Firm today. We have what you need to masterfully navigate a complex violent crime case.