Henderson Sex Crimes Attorney

Sex crimes are incredibly serious accusations that could land the defendant in jail with a permanent record as a sex offender. In North Carolina, an innocent person can become a registered sex offender in the wrong circumstances. This area of law sees more false convictions than any other, ruining thousands of lives every year. If you’re facing sex charges, it’s crucial you hire a knowledgeable Henderson sex crimes attorney.

What Constitutes a Sex Crime in North Carolina?

You may not realize you’re committing a criminal sexual act until the police are placing you under arrest. North Carolina legislature’s criminal statutes defines several actions and behaviors that constitute sex crimes – even sexual relations between two consenting people in the wrong circumstances. In other situations, you may be the victim of a false accusation. Understanding our state’s laws when it comes to sex crimes can help you avoid becoming a defendant. If a party commits any of the following acts, the courts may find him or her guilty of a sex crime:

  • A defendant may be guilty of first-degree forcible rape, second-degree forcible rape, or first-degree statutory rape. Forcible rape involves forcing another person to engage in vaginal intercourse while using a dangerous weapon, inflicting serious bodily injury, committing the offense with help from another person or people, or committing the offense against someone who is mentally or physically handicapped.
  • A defendant is guilty of statutory rape if the victim is under the age of 13 and the defendant is at least 12 and four years older than the victim. If the defendant is at least six years older than a victim who is 13-15 years old, it’s also statutory rape. The only exception is if the two parties are lawfully married at the time of the act.
  • Sex offenses.  Any sexual acts with victims under the age of 13 (when the defendant is at least 12 and four years older than the victim) or by use of force and against the victim’s will are sex offenses. A defendant may be guilty of first-degree forcible sex offenses or second-degree forcible sex offenses depending on the circumstances.
  • Indecent liberties.  A defendant is guilty of indecent liberties with a child if he or she is at least 16, five years older than the victim, and willfully commits or attempts to commit any indecent liberty or lewd or lascivious act with the intent of arousing sexual desire against a person who is under the age of 16.

There are several other types of sex crimes as defined by the North Carolina General Statutes, including child molestation, sexual battery, and prostitution. Sadly, the justice system is wrought with people falsely accusing others of terrible sex crimes. The repercussions of these injustices can ruin someone’s life. If you’re facing charges involving sex crimes, don’t hesitate to contact a qualified Henderson criminal defense lawyer experienced in cases involving sex crimes.

How Your Henderson Sex Crimes Lawyer Can Fight Back Against Charges

With help from the Scharff Law Firm, you may have a chance to fight sex crime charges in North Carolina. Don’t let an honest mistake or someone else’s false accusation destroy your life. Protect your rights with a competent team of sex crimes attorneys. Our lawyers will examine your situation and put together a case in your defense. You may have a defense involving an accuser’s motivation to lie, such as a child custody dispute or fraud. You may also be able to avoid conviction if the police illegally obtained evidence against you or if leading questions tainted an interview with a child.

At Scharff Law Firm, we know how to help people facing even the most serious criminal charges. Come to us when you need capable and aggressive legal representation. For a free consultation with a Henderson sex crime attorney, contact us online or call our office at (919) 457-1954.