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Children and adolescents make mistakes. Unfortunately, today’s kids can face lifelong consequences for their mistakes when the criminal justice system gets involved. The juvenile justice system in North Carolina is strict, trying teenagers as adults in some circumstances. Don’t let one error your child makes affect his or her entire future. Use a Henderson juvenile lawyer you can trust at Scharff Law Firm and get the kind of representation your child needs to reduce or avoid major penalties.

Juvenile Court System in Henderson, NC

Like an adult, the North Carolina courts can charge a person under the age of 16 with misdemeanors, gross misdemeanors, and felonies. These charges can have stiff, life-altering penalties and stay on your child’s permanent record forever. A permanent criminal record can make it difficult for your child to find employment in the future or get into certain colleges. It may even come into play in cases regarding future crimes. Legal penalties such as community service, probation, house arrest, fines, and even jail time can have lasting emotional and psychological repercussions on your child that go well beyond simply learning right from wrong.

In the juvenile court system, the courts typically do not hold minors fully responsible for their behaviors as they do with adults. Police take juveniles into custody instead of arresting them. They do not have the right to trial by jury. Instead, they undergo hearings before a judge. The judge will take the circumstances of the incident into account and order a sentence depending on what’s best for the state, the community, and the juvenile. The court’s ultimate goal is to make sure the juvenile does not re-enter the court system again as an adult. This works in your child’s favor, as it can lead to a less severe punishment.

However, more serious and heinous crimes can lead to a teenager getting tried as an adult. This can mean adult fines and adult jail time, as well as a permanent record available to the public (the court seals juvenile records). The courts may also try your child as an adult if he or she is married, emancipated, or in the armed services. The courts in North Carolina will even try a child who is 13-15 years old as an adult if the law alleges he or she committed a felony. Don’t let the U.S. justice system turn your child’s mistake into a lifelong battle. Retain a Henderson criminal defense attorney experienced in juvenile crimes.

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If your child has a court date for driving while intoxicated (DWI), Driving After Consuming Under 21, assault, theft, drug-related crimes, or sex crimes, there is hope. With the right team of qualified juvenile attorneys by your side, you can understand your child’s rights and hear the options you have moving forward.

There may be a strong defense in your case that you’re unaware of, such as issues with the officer’s techniques. If your child got caught in possession of marijuana, for example, but the officer did not have probable cause to perform a search and seizure, the courts may drop the case. Your son or daughter has constitutional rights just like an adult, and the chance to defend them in the right circumstances.

At Scharff Law Firm, we believe a mistake made while young shouldn’t decide the rest of a teenager’s life. If your child is facing criminal charges in North Carolina, don’t hesitate to contact usWe can explain the local juvenile and adult court processes, answer your questions, and help you find hope for your child’s future. During this difficult time, we can help give you and your child peace of mind. Call our office at (919) 457-1954 for a free legal consultation with a juvenile attorney in Henderson, NC.